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Our Phytobiodermie Facial, a unique beauty and wellness system, is provided by Anne Rockwell. Please visit Anne's website: www.annerockwellfacials.com.

Phytobiodermie uses a holistic and natural approach. This skincare system is based on the tenets of ancient Chinese medicine and the five element system, European advanced skincare techniques and high quality skincare products. 




How does a Phytobiodermie Facial work?
Unlike conventional facials that address only the surface of the skin, the Phytobiodermie facial looks at what’s going on in the body. The following systems are used in every Phytobiodermie facial:

  • Lymphatic drainage is the manual application of a drainer jet during treatment which results in a visual difference in elimination of edema, improved circulation and accelerated healing. Your skin looks and feels smoother and more refined.
  • Chromatherapy is the use of seven spectral electromagnetic colored lights on acupressure points and on reflex zones, producing remarkable results on your face.
  • Color therapy: Phytobiodermie uses naturally colored products combined with active essential oils, which accelerate results for your skin.


What can I expect during a session?
Be prepared to relax throughout your hour and a half facial. Your birth date is used to extract your biorhythm information, which is used to help indicate where your skin exhibits imbalances.

Anne applies different techniques, addressing the quality of each of the five elements—wood (balancing the energies of the face), fire (deep massage of the face, scalp and shoulders), earth (detoxifying), metal (lymphatic drainage) and water (toning and hydrating the skin).

You will enjoy a 15-minute face and shoulder massage, which supports full relaxation and boosts arterial circulation. Anne finishes her facials with a five-color reflexology mask.

What are the benefits of a Phytobiodermie Facial?
Phytobiodermie facials integrate technique and product to produce dramatic results in the treatment of esthetic problems and offers preventative care. Facials address couperouse, acne, wrinkles and poor tone.

Your skin becomes oxygenized and appears lifted, bright and aglow after a treatment. The texture of your skin is completely refined and a true clear, warmth radiates throughout your face. Your skin looks dramatically refreshed and nourished.

Home skincare products aligned with your biorhythm are available for you to purchase to maintain the radiant results of your facial.

How do I make an appointment?
Call Anne Rockwell at 978-768-6321, extension 3, for an appointment.

Where can I get more information?
Please visit www.phytobiodermie.com for more information.

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