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Holistic therapies treat all aspects of your Self, including Body, Mind, and Spirit.

At Atlantic Wellness Center, we classify our services into three types: Body Therapies, which address the physical part of your self; Behavioral Therapies that treat issues pertaining to your mind or mental body; and Energy Therapies, which focus on issues pertaining to your life force and spirit.

Behavioral Therapies
Behavioral therapies offer relief from stress related disorders and imbalances that stem from the mind and the emotions.
These include:

Body Therapies
Body therapies work on relieving stress related issues that are held within the physical body, relieving tension and bringing relaxation, peace and revitalization.
These include:

Energy Healing
Energy healing therapies work on establishing a harmonious flow of life force energy throughout your body. They relieve stress and offer deep relaxation to all systems of your body, allowing natural healing to occur. These therapies address all levels of being, including body, mind and spirit.
These include:

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