Meet Sharon

As far back as she can remember, Sharon has had an interest in Alternative Healing. She began her career in this field as a massage therapist in 1981. Her initial training began in California where she studied massage and energy healing at The Massage Center School of Professional Bodywork in Palo Alto, California. Throughout her career she has continued her education to include various modalities that have deepened and fine-tuned her ability as a healer. These modalities include Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Somato-Emotional Release which provide the basis for her practice in Bodywork.

  She initiated the massage practice at the  Manchester Athletic Club in Manchester By The Sea in 1985 where she maintained a practice for 8 years. It is here she developed her reputation as a highly skilled and effective massage  therapist. In 1994 she cofounded Atlantic Wellness Center in Essex, MA where she actively practices today.

  Sharon has studied martial arts and holds the title of 2nd Degree Black Belt in Chung Moo Doe, a martial art sourced from the royal line of

Sharon Meader Albrecht

L.M.T., C.H.T.

martial arts in China. She included this training to assist in developing not only self discipline, but to deepen her understanding of the importance of Mind/Body integration in healing.

   In 1981 she received her certification in Hypnotherapy at Progressive Hypnosis, also located in Palo Alto,CA. This expanded her ability to offer healing on the level of mind for stress relief and behavior modification. She has studied directly with Dr. Brian Weiss, a pioneer in the field of Past Life Regression.

   Sharon is a deeply compassionate and spiritual person who believes that healing includes not only the mind and body, but the spirit as well. She has studied Buddhism and is certified as a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor through the Life Mastery Institute in California founded by Mary Morrisey, a  featured speaker in the movie “The Secret”. This practice allows for a deeper level of healing that assists in understanding the nature of life itself, our relationship with it, and how to live with inspired intention. To learn more about this part of her practice, just click the button to visit her personal website.